How We Help

Copyright Management and Due diligence

Copyright is more valuable than gold. We are a leading firm in the field of copyright Collective Management and music royalty administration in Nigeria. We consult and acquire appropriate authorizations for use of local and international musical works and compositions, sound recordings, literature, scripts and film, artistic works, photography and images for a wide variety of media, entertainment and advertising projects. This often involves investigation of titles, claims and the negotiation of assignments, licenses and releases.

Legal Consultation and Advisory Services

Creative people and businesses should not operate without proper legal guidance. It is too risky and is similar to hunting in the dark. We provide general legal consultation and advisory services for creative people, businesses, start-ups and investors. We also structure projects. These may include music production and recording projects, film and movie projects, radio and television shows, advertising and media campaign projects, branding, photography, advertising, marketing and public relations projects;

Contracts and Agreements

Drafting, reviewing and negotiation of the making and dissolution of media and entertainment contracts.

Corporate Practice

Registration and incorporation; structuring and restructuring of businesses and acquisitions;structuring cooperations, partnerships and joint venture relationships between media and entertainment practitioners, individuals and corporate organizations alike.

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