About Creative Legal

About Creative Legal

Spearheaded by Justin Ige, one of the leading entertainment lawyers in nigeria, Creative legal offer legal solutions to businesses and individuals in operating in the creative industries.

We serve clients located within and outside Nigeria. Being an entertainment law firm based in Lagos, as well as Lagos being the center of Nigerian media and entertainment industries, has the bulk of our clientale. However we serve businesses and artists from across Nigeria.

Who Can We Help?

Music Industry Professionals: Individuals and businesses involved with songwriting, music production, music recording, artiste management, music distribution, music publishing e.t.c.

Movie Industry Professionals: Individuals and businesses involved with script writing, movie production, and movie distribution. Such may include directors, producers, actors, editors, special effects experts, stunts men, choreographers, soundtrack producers, sound design experts, make-up artists, animators, graphic artists and illustrators.

Advertising Industry Professionals:Copywriters, graphic artists, advertising agencies, account and brand managers, models, radio and television commercial producers, production studios, make- up artists, photographers e.t.c.

Broadcast and Media Industries:Media agencies, radio and television stations, independent producers, newspaper publishing companies, online media companies, editors, cameramen, directors, make-up artists, presenters, journalists, managers and so on.

Visual Art Professionals: Artists and painters, art dealers, photographers, illustrators, sculptors e.t.c

We represent clients as entertainment lawyers based in Nigeria and as trained arbitrators, providing expert advice and legal solutions on all media and entertainment issues.

Our practice has the special advantage of lawyers with decent exposures, skills and experience in creative ventures such as:

  • songwriting and composition,
  • music arranging,
  • music programming, and sequencing
  • music production, ,
  • music engineering, mixing and mastering,
  • script writing,
  • acting,
  • copywriting,
  • commercials production
  • television production.
  • fashion designing

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