Soundcity Could Sue Psquare for Defamation

By Justin Ige
Soundcity has decided to no longer play the music videos of the singing duo and now both sides appear to be at war, with accusations and counter-accusations; but you see, the music business and public statements should be handled with the same care as any other business, having in mind the possibilities for legal liabilities.
Psquare through Jude has made statements which may be damaging to the reputation of Soundcity and which could negatively affect the trade of Soundcity. If such statements are untrue, that could be a good case for defamation. And that’s my point exactly, they are absolutely false. Psquare has made Soundcity out as an exploitative company that does not pay royalties for the works they deploy. This is terribly untrue. I have personally confirmed from COSON.
Psquare has a right to insist on a fee for their performance as they did with Soundcity and Soundcity also has a right to determine who gets played on their station BUT PSQUARE DOES NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO DEFAME SOUNDCITY and that could be the game changer that could make Soundcity emerge the winner in this battle.
This article has also been published in YNaija.
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